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What is the Linux Build Framework?

The Linux Build Framework is a set of bash scripts that help with a variety of Linux distribution development.

I will refer to the Linux Build Framework as lbf in the future.

What does the framework do?

What is included in lbf?

Here is a list of programs and or future functionality that will be provided by lbf:

name state description
checklinks semi-complete Checks the links within a PKGBUILD and verifies that the programs exist.
checkdeps semi-complete Recursively checks dependencies of packages, groups of packages or entire repositories.
cleanbuildroot old Removes the chroot build directory and creates a new one.
lbf old Leftover from the old lucid-build branch. The logic will be examined and used at a later time.
repomod Work in Progress This script will modify the repository structure within the git repositories.